Reboot Center.

Tired of half-mast health? And big pharma-based disease management?

Reboot Center offers the full spectrum of advanced restorative wellness services.

Our mission: for you to REBOOT back to AMAZING! 

About Reboot Center

Dr. Jennifer Ruthensteiner established Reboot Center in 2004 with the deep vision of root-cause "dis-ease" reversal. Located in the heart of beautiful Whidbey Island, Reboot Center delivers tailored medical care in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Reboot Center provides acute care services as well as restorative therapies for complex health conditions, including hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune illnesses, using treatments including western medicines, bio-identical hormones and orthomolecular treatments, homeopathic medicines, herbs, NeuroPhysio therapy, and cellular cleansing and detoxification therapies. Additionally, Reboot Center offers preventive annual exams, acute care visits, and pediatric exams and visits.

Our all-around goal: to optimize your health, so you can get on with optimizing your life!

What is Restorative Medicine?

Reboot Center’s Restorative Medicine approach blends the best of age-old natural medicine practices with the more scientific practice of “Western” medicine. At Reboot Center, botanical and homeopathic medicines, nutritional recommendations, physical therapies, specialist referrals, as well as (infrequent, and only if truly necessary) pharmaceutical prescriptions can be components of a typical treatment regimen for both acute and chronic health concerns.




5492 S Myrtle Ave, Freeland, WA 98249 



Phone: 360 437 6022

Fax: 866 277 7173

Email: [email protected]


Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-12, 1-5


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"I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer. She takes a scientific approach to healing the body in a holistic way. She encourages you and teaches you that YOU are capable of being the best version of you. I've been seeing her for a month and I have an understanding of my own body and how to heal it. Forever grateful."



"Since beginning my journey towards better health with Dr. Jennifer, I feel alive, and a deep cleansing of all the unnatural chemicals after years of doing what is expected rather than that what is good for both my body and well-being. She is the "chicken soup" for all of me."