Total Body Reboot Program

Get the step-by-step, curated system that teaches you how to help you get your body & brain optimized, even if you're starting with minimal know-how or motivation. 

What you'll get:

  • Specialized lab testing recommendations
  • Daily lifestyle guidance
  • Shopping, meal prep, planning & cooking guides
  • Biohacking & anti-aging tips and tricks
  • Health optimizing supplement solutions
  • And more! 

This program is non-refundable. Your access never expires.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Jennifer has a broad body of study & library of knowledge. She understand many schools of healing and was able to guide me with lifestyle changes. She advised me with diet, exercise, medicinal herbs, essential oils, supplement & body work. I will continue seeking advice from her with confidence.


Dr. Jennifer and her staff are amazing! If you are looking for knowledgeable, compassionate care you found the right place.


I am so blessed to have found Dr. Jennifer and her team! I have had great results with them. One problem addressed solved a couple of others and I felt better overall. That's true medicine in my book....I highly recommend them.


$199.00 USD

I understand that this purchase is for the self-directed Total Body Reboot Program


I understand that materials provided to me are through electronic means. Should I want or require printed copies of materials, Reboot Center shall provide said materials to me at an additional administrative expense to me. 

I understand that the Total Body Reboot Program does not include:

  • Medical advice
  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice

Payment Terms

I understand that I am purchasing the program for a flat fee, paid up-front in a single payment. 

I understand and agree that I am responsible for my level of participation in the program. I understand that my failure to take full advantage of or participate meaningfully in the program shall not entitle me to refund of fees.

I authorize Reboot Center to debit the credit card indicated in this web form for the noted amount on today's date. This payment is for the Total Body Reboot Program. I understand that there is NO money-back guarantee or refund of fees. I understand that because this is an electronic transaction, the fee(s) may be charged as soon as the above noted transaction date. In the case of a transaction being rejected for any reason, I understand that Reboot Center may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again within 30 days. I certify that I am an authorized user of the credit or debit card entered on the web form, and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit or debit card company, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form. I understand that there are no refunds for past services or prorated refunds for the remainder of a billing cycle in the monthly payment plan. 

Time Frame Terms

I understand that the Total Body Reboot Program is a self-directed program and does not include private coaching.

Transformation Coaching Agreement and Code of Ethics

As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my physical, mental and emotional well-being, including my choices and decisions. 

I understand that the Total Body Reboot Program does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I understand that the Total Body Reboot Program is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, medical care, or substance abuse treatment and I will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. If I am currently receiving psychiatric care, I will consult with my caregiver to ensure that the Total Body Reboot Program is in my best interest at this time. I understand that the information provided with this program is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. I understand that I need seek advice from my physician or other qualified healthcare provider before I undertake a new health regimen. I understand that although Dr. Jennifer is a physician, she is not MY physician. I understand that my participation in this program does not establish any kind of client-patient relationship with Dr. Jennifer.

I understand that past performance, or other clients’ performance, is not indicative of my results. 

I agree to receive emails and other information from Reboot Center,, and I consent to receive Reboot Center newsletters, SMS/text messages about offerings from Reboot Center,, and (you can stop at any time by replying “STOP” to messages or reply “HELP” for help). 

I agree to the Reboot Center Terms & Conditions.

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